Consultancy & reporting

Consultancy and reporting

Transparent has extensive knowledge in the field of P2P processes. This not only enables us to investigate the root causes of certain omissions in your administration, improve your vendor master data, recover lost profits and reduce future spending. It also enables us to perform a comprehensive analysis of the processes within your organization, and to provide consultancy services and management information on their optimization and development. We are also able to provide innovative reporting and benchmarking services.


Consultancy services in a nutshell
Our consultancy services will help you to:

  • improve your cost structure;
  • manage your suppliers more efficiently;
  • optimize your processes;
  • gain better insight into your P2P process;
  • reduce workload.


Client portal: a wealth of reporting information
When using one of our services, all the work and the majority of the communication takes place via our client portal. It provides you with a wealth of information, including real-time reports on the progress of the audit, the current status of claims investigations or changes in supplier data. More over, you can create tailor-made reports that can be adjusted to your current needs and requirements.  Our separate Financial Reporting module is an invaluable tool for your spend analytics – be it on a country basis, supplier basis or a simple turnover report.  Finally, we will benchmark you against industry peers, revealing whether you are underperforming, globally competitive or performing beyond expectations. All of the reports can be exported using industry-standard formats, such as PDF, Excel and many more options.

"Transparent has contributed positively to the improvement of our AP process. I recommend everyone to consider Transparent's services."

Ronald Meier Director Finance Netherlands, Kuehne + Nagel

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