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PURCO Conference South Africa

This Wednesday the 2018 PURCO South Africa conference will kick off. This year’s theme: People Planet Profit. The conference will be attended by Finance and Procurement Executives from South Africa and Namibia.


This year Transparent is a Platinum partner of the event and has arranged Rob van den Wijngaard, Head FSSC Leiden University, to come speak. Rob is Leiden University's Director of FSSC, and has most recently shared the university's success story at international conferences in Lisbon, London, Moscow, Vienna, Budapest, Montevideo and in the USA. Rob van den Wijngaard will present the keynote address for the conference, and will also participate in a Financial Workshop targeted at senior Finance and Procurement executives.



During this session, Rob will share information regarding the creation of Leiden University Shared Service Centre. His message emphasises practical experiences as well as guiding principles. Key points include continuous monitoring and improvement, innovation, advanced data analytics, agility and preparing for the future. Also the impact of a major transformation such as a Shared Service Centre has on people and how to manage this change, will be discussed.


The Finance Workshop with University Executives, will have the focus on the following: How are they as leaders driving the adoption of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and predictive modelling to support decision-making and to drive continuous improvement? What mistakes have been made and lessons learned? What are the next steps?


For more information regarding this conference, please visit the website: PURCO


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