Customer-oriented call center

Customer-oriented call center

Experience has taught us that separating recovery audits, for example, into areas of professional knowledge is far more effective and beneficial for our clients in terms of offering a more professional service, as well as increasing recoveries.


Audit call center

In practice, this means that when we are recovering money on behalf of our clients, for example, the actual recoveries are performed by our in-house audit call center. This department comprises of employees speaking 20 languages specifically trained in preserving excellent supplier relationships, as well as verifying claims and subsequently recovering money due.


However, our staff don’t just speak the languages and know the respective cultures. They also know specific features of local bookkeeping per region, enabling them to request and archive correct information, which contributes to shorter audit duration, as well as easing the burden on the respective vendors.


Statements call center

Our statements call center takes a similar approach. Once again, we consider it vital to know what to ask and how to ask it in the local language of the supplier, thus stimulating suppliers to provide us with a swift and relevant response without damaging your client-supplier relationship.


Requesting and processing statements is the core activity of this department. Over the years, we have therefore acquired the relevant knowledge and experience to maximize the number of suppliers that cooperate and statements we receive.


Our call center is unique in this respect, as we are not aiming for a high number of outgoing calls, but a high number of satisfied clients and suppliers, as well as correct statements received.

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