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The economic impact of covid-19 is still unfolding. Faced with such uncertainty, many organisations are looking for effective coping strategies. Where to start?


Improve your business: PAY ON TIME!

Paying on time, something that seems to get harder and harder and more and more neglected. How serious do you take paying on time? Yesterday an article was published by NOS, a Dutch news site, saying that large organizations do not pay their small business and freelance vendors on time. Which causes financial uncertainty for these smaller organizations.

Small business organizations are pleading for a 30-day payment term instead of the 60-day term which is upheld in The Netherlands. For, after years of decline, the number of days before an invoice is paid has increased. On average, it now takes 41.5 days. In 2017 it took 40.3 days.


The road to accuracy: Vendor Master Data Management

In the Procurement business accuracy is a key component for succes. And the data you rely on play a significant role in this. Therefore manageing your vendor master data should be a high priority for every procurement executive. The question is; which method is the best fit for this time? Online supplier portals or relying on P2P networks of reliable partners?


Integrated Business Services: Added value or unnecessary organizational complexity?

Shared Service Centers (SSC) were created to improve service delivery and reduce costs within distinct parts of their businesses for over 20 years. Mostly these parts of the business are back office related, administrational work that can easily be managed by a third party, however, now a days many business leaders are recognizing that wider benefits can be achieved. How do they do so? By leveraging Shared Services and Outsourcing consistently across multiple functions and regions, and in some cases moving all elements of this into one organization.


Procurement: Data is key to lowering costs

Procurement departments are key when it comes to ones bottom line. Costs are made, but more important; cost are saved. A reliable procurement system is designed for speed, productivity, and precision. However despite all protections, problems reaching from human error to organizational limitations can still have a undesirable effect on a company’s procurement and purchasing capacity.

PURCO Conference South Africa

This Wednesday the 2018 PURCO South Africa conference will kick off. This year’s theme: People Planet Profit. The conference will be attended by Finance and Procurement Executives form South


Blockchain's infiltration: Procure to pay

Blockchain is popular, we have all read about the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency, and how it is moving our economy. However, blockchain is more than just a new currency, it is a technology that creates efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy like no other. We are digitalizing in a rapid paste, and our procurement processes are not left behind. 

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