Vendor master services

Vendor master services


Suppliers move, merge, change ownership, name and location. All these unforeseen events impact the accuracy of your data, which can cause processing errors or, even worse, supply chain disruption.


A recent study by the world’s leading research and advisory company Gartner evaluated the annual cost of supplier data management to be around $500 per supplier, though the level of accuracy is still low.


Transparent’s Vendor master services consist of Vendor master data (VMD) cleansing and VMD enrichment.


Services at a glance
As part of our unique Vendor master services, we will identify inactive, incomplete and duplicate vendors, provide a report to enable you to make adjustments, and offer advice to further improve your vendor master data.
The end result for your business will be:

  • Simplified processes
  • Greater efficiency
  • Cost reductions
  • Increased compliance
  • 360-degree visibility


This service is provided in cooperation with our partner STÖHR FAKTOR – the consultancy specialists. 


STÖHR FAKTOR contributes the following services to this partnership:


 Vendor Master Administration Governance


  • Analysis of current situation and identification of requirements 
  • Elaboration and evaluation of vendor master administration governance with stakeholders
  • Implementation, training and publication 

Master Data Clean Up

  • Determination of need for action and cooperation with stakeholders
  • Identification of duplicates and incomplete data
  • Clean up duplicates and incomplete data as well as provide reports for adjustments

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